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A 20-minute drive North from the Puttalam junction takes you to a paradise hidden within the tree line. A small winding dirt path opens up to an office complex complete with rustic brick walls and a cozy interior. Warm smiles greet you here at The Backwaters. With a quick check-in process, you are quickly escorted to your unique form of accommodation as a day filled with adventure awaits.

The rooms at The Backwaters are something never seen before. Nestled within the treetops a small flight of stairs takes you to an open deck area and a comfortable urban style cabin room. While container offices are quite popular, using containers for hotel rooms might just be an idea pioneered by The Backwaters.

Container accommodation sounds oddly uncomfortable? Fret not! These cabin-type rooms are a class of their own – giving you the comforts of a luxury hotel stay and it’s the best you could find in Wilpattu. Walk into a perfect room, a cozy bed, upcycled and rustic furniture, and décor, every element of this room has a story to tell.

From repurposing discarded pallets to create a bed, to rustic wooden cupboards and masons’ jars for light shades, the unique ambiance just melds together with the open wild outside. The comfort of this room is guaranteed to give you the luxury you need after a day packed with activities. The floor to ceiling door can be fully opened to allow the fresh breeze in while the thin mesh door can be kept closed to keep out a stray visitor and unpleasant encounters without interrupting the view.

After being mesmerised by these exceptional rooms, your attention is drawn back to the open deck area which the room directly opens up to. Blending in with the surrounding forest, this deck opens into the forest cover overlooking the canopy. While endemic Purple-faced langurs frolic in the treetops and an extra cute Giant squirrel hops on its way to a nearby branch to twittering birds in the nearby grove. It’s a hub of activity just outside the room.

Moving away from the splendour of the room, it’s time to explore the hotel and the beautiful forest that envelopes it.

Small rustic paths through the tree cover take you to the banks of the river. And there you find something that would add more uniqueness to your stay. All centered around upcycled furniture, swings hung over the river allowing you to dip your feet in the water and a floating deck gives you a hangout spot to relax in the evening.

Repurposed barrels act as chairs in little groves within the premise, giving you quaint private areas to read a book under the rustling trees or sit by the river and enjoy the passing birdlife.

Inspiring a world of design, the uniqueness of The Backwaters is sure to amaze you with how much detail they have gone into, to uphold their core concept of being sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Our Packages


Enjoy a perfect wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park in the afternoon after checking in and as the day draws to an end, head over to the small island for a unique dinner experience. The next morning take a boat ride down the river absorbing the sites and sounds of mother nature.


Take a full-day wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park and wrap up the first day with a gentle evening river cruise and a fun dinner on an island. The next day, explore the fun-filled seas of Kalpitiya with a spot of early morning dolphin watching, paired with a scenic tour of this colonial port town. Fill in the rest of the day by taking a natural trail for bird watching and a tuk-tuk ride around the village.


Start off with an exciting river safari paired with a bicycle ride passing village scenes and paddy fields. Trek through the property to explore the variety of unique birdlife and try a hand at fishing while relaxing under the afternoon sun. Schedule a full-day safari at Wilpattu National Park to explore the deep jungle and relax with an evening bout of kayaking and a cooling dip in the river. Complete your stay with a visit to Kalpitiya, home to a vast number of Whales and Dolphins