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Journey down the calm and relaxing Salt River (Uppu Aru) the backwaters of the Kala Oya that flow right in front of lodge. Bringing you close to nature, what is unique about the river safari is that it’s a safari minus the loud motorboats. The Backwaters river safari is a calm quiet punting down the river, giving you a chance to learn about the exotic wildlife and enjoy the passing scenery.

Dip your fingers into the cool waters as it ripples away, gently lapping at the boat edges. Create a memorable experience as the forest seamlessly joins the gentling flowing waters.

As a birder’s paradise, a cruise down the river gives you a chance to gaze upon flocks of storks as they fly across the sky, or a solitary kingfisher perched on a branch eyeing its evening snack as you drift past, and come dry season, you might even catch a glimpse of a lone elephant near the banks for a sip of water.

Go upriver to observe the incredible sunset and return when it’s dark as a night boat safari where one can observe owls and other nocturnal animals as you silently drift thought the water.

What is also special about the river safari is that it takes you to a small island nestled within the trees in the middle of the river. Here on this island, you can arrange for a sundowner with drinks and a bonfire and enjoy the great outdoors.

Giving you a curated adventure near the borders of the great Wilpattu National Park, this tranquil river safari is a great way to be one with nature and indulge in an amazing experience while in Sri Lanka. With opportunities to come face to face with endemic wildlife, The Backwaters river safari is a must-try when you visit!

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Enjoy a perfect wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park in the afternoon after checking in and as the day draws to an end, head over to the small island for a unique dinner experience. The next morning take a boat ride down the river absorbing the sites and sounds of mother nature.


Take a full-day wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park and wrap up the first day with a gentle evening river cruise and a fun dinner on an island. The next day, explore the fun-filled seas of Kalpitiya with a spot of early morning dolphin watching, paired with a scenic tour of this colonial port town. Fill in the rest of the day by taking a natural trail for bird watching and a tuk-tuk ride around the village.


Start off with an exciting river safari paired with a bicycle ride passing village scenes and paddy fields. Trek through the property to explore the variety of unique birdlife and try a hand at fishing while relaxing under the afternoon sun. Schedule a full-day safari at Wilpattu National Park to explore the deep jungle and relax with an evening bout of kayaking and a cooling dip in the river. Complete your stay with a visit to Kalpitiya, home to a vast number of Whales and Dolphins