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Nestled amidst the enchanting embrace of nature, the Backwaters Lodge offers not only a tranquil retreat but also a vibrant culinary journey through Sri Lankan fusion food. The Lodge takes pride in curating a dining experience that tantalizes taste buds, celebrates local flavors, and contributes to the empowerment of the community.

From the moment guests step into the Lodge’s dining area, they are greeted by an array of colors and aromas that foretell a culinary adventure. The fusion of Sri Lankan flavors with international influences creates a symphony of taste that is both delightful and unique. The masterful use of local ingredients, sourced directly from nearby markets and villages, ensures that each dish is a celebration of authenticity and sustainability.

Central to this culinary experience is the involvement of local women who bring their expertise and traditional knowledge to the table. The Backwaters Lodge has consciously engaged and empowered women from the surrounding villages, allowing them to showcase their culinary skills and share the authentic taste of Sri Lanka with the Lodge’s esteemed guests.

These local women infuse love and passion into every dish they prepare, delivering a dining experience that goes beyond the flavors on the plate. Each meal becomes a story, a journey through the rich heritage of Sri Lankan cuisine. The fusion of spices, herbs, and locally sourced produce transforms into a culinary delight, painting a vivid picture of Sri Lanka’s diverse gastronomic culture.

Moreover, dining at the Backwaters Lodge is an opportunity to support local entrepreneurship and promote sustainable tourism. By relishing these dishes, guests directly contribute to the economic growth of the community and the well-being of the local women involved in the culinary process.

The Lodge, with its commitment to responsible tourism, also emphasizes reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices within the kitchen. The sustainable ethos extends to food preparation, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact, ensuring that the beauty of the natural surroundings is preserved for generations to come.

In conclusion, the culinary experience at the Backwaters Lodge is more than just a feast for the taste buds—it is a celebration of community, sustainability, and the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan culture. Every meal is a tribute to the skilled hands and vibrant traditions of the local women, a taste of their heritage, and an invitation for guests to be part of something truly special.

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Enjoy a perfect wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park in the afternoon after checking in and as the day draws to an end, head over to the small island for a unique dinner experience. The next morning take a boat ride down the river absorbing the sites and sounds of mother nature.


Take a full-day wildlife safari at Wilpattu National Park and wrap up the first day with a gentle evening river cruise and a fun dinner on an island. The next day, explore the fun-filled seas of Kalpitiya with a spot of early morning dolphin watching, paired with a scenic tour of this colonial port town. Fill in the rest of the day by taking a natural trail for bird watching and a tuk-tuk ride around the village.


Start off with an exciting river safari paired with a bicycle ride passing village scenes and paddy fields. Trek through the property to explore the variety of unique birdlife and try a hand at fishing while relaxing under the afternoon sun. Schedule a full-day safari at Wilpattu National Park to explore the deep jungle and relax with an evening bout of kayaking and a cooling dip in the river. Complete your stay with a visit to Kalpitiya, home to a vast number of Whales and Dolphins